There is no outstanding loan from YES bank- Indiabulls housing finance

The big housing finance company, indiabulls housing finance made a statement on Sunday that the company and the promoters do not have any outstanding term loan pending from YES bank.

They wanted to clarify the rumours spread on social media and that’s why they came up with this statement.

The statement reads, “In relation to some rumors and misinformation in social media regarding term loans of Yes Bank to Indiabulls Housing Finance, we would like to place facts in public domain that the outstanding terms loans from Yes Bank to Indiabulls Housing Finance are Zero,”

They said that there is no outstanding term loan taken from YES bank by the Indiabulls housing finance or any of their promoters or family members at all.

The company also said-“We are in process of taking legal action on various media platforms that the gang is abusing to spread misinformation about Indiabulls Housing Finance.”

On the same, the High court order quoted- “Therefore, looking into the allegations of blackmailing and extortion of money from the complainant, I do not find that from the bare perusal of the FIR it can be quashed.”

“Even at the stage when the petition was filed, non bailable warrants were issued against the petitioner. The anticipatory bail of the petitioner was dismissed by the trial court and thereafter the petitioner traveled abroad and never returned back.”

In a report by India today, the filing claimed- “tv channel infused a lot of anxiety and panicky situation among the depositors in particular and other stakeholders in general and also raised a doubt about the safety of the Bank”.