RBI Asked Banks to investigate the report on leaked debit and credit card information

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a notice for the banks asking them to investigate the reports that shows that 1.3 million accounts of the debit and credit card customers were online on sale and to ensure that these details are safe.

As per the news by ZDNet, RBI has also said that the banks should perform preliminary analysis if thr leaked information of the cards.

The RBI has sent this notice to the banks, three sources confirmed to Reuters. RBI also not responded on the question to comment on this news.

“On finding leaked data to be correct and genuine, disable and re-issue the credit and debit cards as per the bank’s policy,” said the notice dated Oct. 29.

Recently ZDNet reported that the Security researchers of Singapore Group IB had found the card details on the dark web.

The Singapore based Group IB security researchers found out that each card detail is being sold at $100. The total value of the database as per the reports is of $130 million.

“We do not disclose the names of banks, but can tell that the database held the credit and debit card dumps related to the largest Indian banks,” Group-IB said in a statement on Thursday, adding that it had informed authorities about the breach.

As per the RBI data, the total credit cards are 51.7 million and 851.5 million debit cards in circulation in the month of August.