Airlines suffering from loss due to ban

The government of India has finally banned all the international flights to keep the country safe for a week from 22st March. It is being done to curb the spread of Coronavirus which is the biggest pandemic in the world now.

The government said-“No scheduled international commercial passenger aircraft shall be allowed to land in India from March 22, 2020 for one week,”

On this, the DGCA, directorate general of civil aviation said that- “These instructions are are in additions to the travel restrictions /advisories already issued and under implementation,”

however, airlines like British airways, Etihad emirates and Lufthansa were not available for the comments. The singapore airline said- “We will assess the impact of this announcement on our operations and take the appropriate action,”.

India has banned these entry of people living abroad till 15th april in order to stop and control the spread. Globally, more than 9,115 people have died and people around 222,642 are infected. Everyone is taking precautions.

Because of these, the airlines globally have made a loss of $113 billion which is huge loss.