1.3 Million Debit and Credit Card details at Sale on Dark Web

Debit and credit card details are sensitive information of the users. As per the sources, around 1.3 million credit and debit card details of the Indian banking customers are available for sale on the dark web. These information can be bought for $130 million from the dark web. This is the third largest card dump of 2019 based on size.

As per the ZDNer report, this is one of the biggest dump of card payments in the recent years. The details have been listed on the Joker’s stash. Joker’s Stash is one of the largest and the oldest shop of the cards on the dark web.

As per the sources the uploaded data of the credit and debit card users are being sold at a top tier price. Each card’s information is being sold at $100 price which is $130 million in total for all data.

The report also states that the skimming devices installed at the PoS systems or ATMs are being used to get the card details. “This is because the card dump includes Track 2 data, usually found on a payment card’s magnetic stripe”, the report stated.

In the past also card details were leaked where 5.3 millions card details was sold. The details of the Indian cards was released in small batches so that the criminals can Withdraw as much money they can before bank takes any action to secure information.